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Kelli Confidential helping Women Leaders

Welcome To The New Way of Negotiating

With over two decades’ experience and over a billion dollars in deal-making, Kelli Wilks is a seasoned negotiator and business leader with a track record supporting some of the biggest names in the aviation, consulting, energy, film/media, software  and telecoms sectors.  She has worked extensively in the US, United Kingdom, Western Europe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Singapore.  Kelli is also an accredited legal mediator, lecturer, corporate trainer, and now  - an avid podcaster!


   Negotiation is our Jam!


Kelli runs a boutique UK-based training and advisory agency passionately focused on the transformational empowerment of women leaders in the workforce, at home and in communities around the world. 

In 2018, Kelli offered her first independent in-person teaching course to business leaders and coaches.  In that time,
her Negotiation Essentials course has evolved  - just as she has - to focus where the skills gap needs it the most -  into a targeted offering for women leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring female business owners anywhere in the world.

 No permission needed!

Say goodbye to apologetic ambition, overworked careers, and less pay.  Now is the time to step into your fierce, amazing, unstoppable self.  Only you are the expert on you, and you don't need anyone's permission to be great!

My mission is to help women charge forward confidently, with purpose, to multiply their income, achieve capital wealth, build or buy companies, improve their relationships, and experience true gender parity in this lifetime (and NOT leave this for our daughters).  How? By helping you to not be afraid of everyday or even high-stakes negotiation.  Smart, scrappy, and with a dash of sass.  Join our mail list to hear about our next course dates!

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